Instructions for filling out the online form to inventory the Parameters for DBO Stations and Bounding Boxes



Principal Investigators of the DBO and Pacific Arctic Group (PAG) will need to submit parameter information for data collected in the DBO regions using the form below. Click here for the Mobile version.


This form has multiple pages including various data modes of collection:


1.    Transects

2.    Upper Trophic Data

3.    Satellite

4.    Mooring


Only one mode of collection can be submitted at a time. When you have completed the form for a mode of collection, click the Submit button. The information you provide will go into a DBO archive database, and a copy of your submission will be sent to the email address that was provided on the first page. Be sure to return to to submit the parameters for any other mode of collection.


If unable to complete this form, you may save it and return later to finish. When saving, you will be provided with a unique link to your partially completed form.


We are working to have a usable copy of the product from this form available for download, and an annual summary matrix of DBO data collections by year available on this website.